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Although there are some differences in the details, all E-Bikes are based on the same principle:


An electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery, provides assistance in varying degrees usually when the bike is being peddled or in some cases, also when not.


A sensor detects the speed of the bike (power assist is limited to 15MPH in the UK) and if the pedals are being used and tells the motor how much help to provide.


The rider can usually nowadays set how much assistance they want at any given time using a power level adjustment. Assistance can be turned off completely and you just have a normal bike.


The bikes themselves are very similar to normal pedal cycles, with the exception that the frame components and brakes are ensured to be up to the job!


The technology is becoming more and more standardised as the product is refined so bikes are getting more similar (and easier) to ride.


"Don't worry it's

                 not that complicated!"