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We understand

that you may know exactly the specification of your new e-bike and that’s great. Just tell us and we’ll research and source some bikes to your requirements from one of our many suppliers that we have developed over the years. We know exactly where to look.

You may know roughly what you want to do on your e-bike but not what specification is required to do it.

We have time to listen to your thoughts or concerns and can help you get there. You are also able to test ride some before making your decision.

It’s a big decision

and investment to buy an electric bike so it’s really worth a visit to our dedicated e-bike shop to get expert advice from people who actually ride them.


Whatever your reason for wanting one, we stock all types and sizes especially for LADIES and ALL TYPES OF RIDING with a broad range from carefully chosen UK or European based companies.


All our bikes are fully assembled, tested and if necessary, delivered by us and carry up to 5 years manufacturers warranty, offering the peace of mind of a local service and repair backup, which online suppliers simply cannot match.

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Buying an ebike from us



We are easy to find from all directions and have ample, easy parking.

In fact why not bring your old bikes, leave the car and enjoy a ride on some lovely lanes and trails and even a lunch at our local which is renowned locally for its welcoming atmosphere and excellent food!

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We always 

have all types of e-bikes on show

and in stock.

All for sale (maybe except mine!).

Our brands and bikes are all hand picked for their suitability and value. We don’t just stock bikes from one manufacturer, we believe in fitting the bike to the person not the other way ’round!

How it works

We'll have a chat and a coffee if needed, to determine your needs and can explain the pros and cons of all the options. 

We have a few bikes for general demo so you get a feel for riding an e-bike on a small circuit and some confidence to try out some serious candidates on a more typical hilly ride.

We have more bikes representing all of the frame, size, motor, battery, wheels etc. options you could ever encounter!






1 to 1 training

If you would like to start riding again with an e-bike but are as rusty as your old bike, why not book a private 1 to 1 coaching session to build your confidence and learn essential e-bike skills ready for your new bike.

We'll start around our own yard, then ride some country lanes and even a trip to town.

We can usually get you smiling in an hour!

The price is £50 pp including the use of an e-bike and trying some potential purchases. If you're ready to buy one, the fee is 100% refundable if you do (within 2 weeks)

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