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Racks and Carriers

Riding your electric bike will allow you to explore an incredible number of new routes and areas around your base.Having the capability to take your bikes with you away from your normal location explodes the possibilities to infinity!


Of course there are many options of carrying your bikes in your car or motorhome including taking the front wheel off and putting inside, on a boot rack or rear rack.

There are some safety considerations when you are dealing with an e-bike due to its greater weight and you must make sure your chosen method is both safe and legal!


Although we sell different types of racks, we believe that the combination of safety and convenience afforded by a tow ball mounted rack is well worth the investment of purchase and fitting.


Snap the rack onto any tow-ball with a simple lever, plug in the lights, wheel on the bikes, fix and lock and away you go!


Once again Eden-e-Motion have taken the hard work out of choosing the right rack by stocking a selection of different types and prices, not just the high street brands.


By buying from us you know the product will be suitable for purpose and tested for security and ease of use.


To do this we have partnered with a small specialist company in the Cotswolds who offer customers European produced, leisure based products at a price point that is attractive but produced to the highest quality.

Their range is the combination of 5 of Europe's highest quality manufacturers each with its own speciality.

Pro-User Bike Carriers:

With the bike carriers of Pro-User, you can take your (electric) bicycles everywhere.  The wide range of Pro-User (R) bike carriers contain various types of bike carriers and accessories including the worlds only electric bike carrier that lifts from the floor

Spinder Bike Carriers:

More than 30 years ago. Spinder launched one of the first bike carriers onto the market.  Spinder, which was a well know name in the field of metallurgy and design.  Designed from a customer's question, a firm and strong bicycle carrier which had to be fitted to the tow bar.  Including the only bike carrier in the world with extending arms for maximum stability no matter your bicycle frame shape.

Thule towbar bike racks :

They are easy to install and use with the option to carry 2 ebikes. They mount to the receiver towbar so no base rack is needed.

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