The Company

A half century of tradition and history on two wheels, important investments, love and dedication to our work: all this led us to present you today with a complete range of captivating high-tech bicycles.

Like precious gems, they are the perfect blend of quality, Italian style and design.

Safety and reliability are delivered to you through our state of the art in-house production, obsession for details, and no-mercy rounds of product testing.

Customers satisfaction is our driver.

Our Opinion

100% Made in Italy

Think Ferrari, Gucci, Juventus, Lavazza.....Ice cream...

Once again we have scoured the globe to bring you another fantastic eBike brand.

These bikes (even the very pretty ones) are all HIGH POWER so perfect for Cumbrian hills.

Behind this traditional ITALIAN brand  is a young passionate team and the style of their bikes shows it. 

The bikes and motors are hand built in Italy's "motor valley" and service is great.  (Shhhhh! watch out Bosch!)


How it works

MBM are imported by a UK distributor who hold stock in their Bristol warehouse. The provide warranty, spares and customer service from there. We have been dealing with them for many years and we know they are experts.


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MBM Kairos
MBM Kairos

27.5 or 29" wheel 40, 45 & 50cm frame size £2949.99

MBM ePrimavera
MBM ePrimavera
MBM Funk
MBM Funk
MBM Kairos Sub
MBM Kairos Sub

MBM FULL eBike range