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  • High-end EBikes made in Austria

  • Fantastic design and quality

  • Due to the COVID 19 and BREXIT situation we don't have any bikes in stock or on back-order for 2021 but we are still great friends and we can order anything from their range for you.

KTM Macina Ladies frame
All frame types available
KTM Macina Sport ST
Bosch CX motor. All frame options
KTM Macina Tour
All frame types Bosch CX motor
KTM Prowler
Ultimate eMTB
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KTM eBike range


  • We are very happy to offer EzeGo bikes as we love their quality and style

  • They are hub motor bikes and do a great job

  • Many happy customers out there

  • Fast delivery

  • Great backup and warranty

EzeGo Step
28' or 26" Wheel versions available
Nexus Hub gears
REAL Problem solver
EzeGo Commute Int.
15" Ladies version
EzeGo Commute 17"
Gents version
EzeGo Folder LS
High crossbar version also available
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EzeGo eBike range


  • Hub motor bikes

  • We have been friends with RooDog since we started. Although their bikes come from the Far East, they are dedicated to the UK market and their bikes are stylish and reliable and their backup is superb.

  • Fast delivery 

  • Great backup and warranty

RooDog Avatar
Step through mountain bike style
Crossbar version available
RooDog Polka Dot
Every girls dream
Red, Pale Blue or Mint
RooDog Chic
26" or 28" wheel (Grande)
RooDog Bliss
Rugged folder
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RooDog eBike range

KTM Macina Sport ST

Bosch CX motor. All frame options