How far can I go?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

How far can I go? e-bikes don’t recharge themselves (there are some exceptions!) so you need to know how far you can ride on a charge right? Well here are a few factors to consider; Battery capacity – Some bike models are fixed, others let you choose the size you want. Bigger range = more expensive / weigh more. Motor type – Hub, crank, torque rating Weight of bike, rider and luggage. Riding conditions – Hills, terrain, wind, temperature Tyres – Tread and pressure Riding style – Lots of help / little help Battery capacity is quoted in Ampere/hour (Ah) or Watt/hour (just to confuse things). Small light commuter bikes have small light batteries with range of as little as 10 miles Trekking, touring and mountain bikes have bigger batteries with ranges of over 100 miles! Warning! Manufacturers are not consistent in their range statements and there’s a lot of ambiguity! When a range says “up to” it generally means using minimum help on smooth ground with no hills! It’s best to come and discuss your needs with a professional before you decide. Bosch supply motors for many of our brands. To check your likely range Click on their interactive tool BELOW…

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