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300 mile Safety Check

We offer all customers a free safety check after 300 miles. Any minor adjustments due to bedding-in will be corrected.

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Bosch Diagnostics

We are Bosch certified and approved. We offer full diagnostics and firmware update with print-out and can install Bosch options like emtb and lock on supported motors and displays.

Basic service is £30.

We are unable to offer service on bikes fitted with speed modifying devices but we can remove them and reset the bike to it’s original settings. Once fitted however the Bosch warranty is immediately void.

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General Servicing

An annual or 1000m service on your bike (shorter if you are a heavy user) is a good rule-of-thumb. Our checklist covers everything likely to be needed and includes minor adjustments where required. The price is around £65 and also includes the electronics diagnostics and report.

We will inform you of any essential repairs and replacement parts and their cost before continuing unless we have your prior approval.


Comfortable ebike

There is no one size fits all when it comes to bicycles. Many people buy bikes online or without a proper test ride and find them too uncomfortable to enjoy riding.

Of course if you bought the bike from us, we will have made it comfortable for your needs from the beginning.


Sometimes adding a gel saddle cover will help in the short-term but a review of the basic setup and changing some parts can often help enough to get you riding comfortably.

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Other repairs

& upgrades

From a puncture to a suspension or drive-train rebuild, we can take care of that and advise on the likely outcome and value for money based on your riding requirements.

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